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  1. The New Financial Repression

    Neil Urmson

    17 Jan, 2013

    Neil Urmson from South Africa examines the new age of financial repression, in which very low interest rates make it very difficult for investors to earn a real return. What can the astute investor do to overcome this?

    1. Lending to Football Clubs

      Mark Bladon

      20 Nov, 2012

      Financing a football club comes with its set of risks including bankruptcy. Mark Bladon analyses a club’s sources of income, its main overheads, traditional sources of financing and establishes why creativity is required to protect a bank’s downside risk.

    2. All that Glitters

      Arthur Clayton

      29 Aug, 2012

      While historically the gold price has always been linked to inflation, Arthur Clayton examines the Asian markets and how demand for gold in India and China has fuelled the bull run in the past decade.