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  1. Investec Private Equity Insights 2013: perception, evolution and innovation

    04 Nov, 2013

    Simon Hamilton, head of Investec Fund Finance, discusses the issues that private equity firms face as the industry adapts to the post-crisis environment. These conclusions are based on insights from 15 senior executives in the European private equity market and form part of a new study published by Investec.

    1. The limitations of best-buy mortgage tables

      13 May, 2013

      Are the cheapest mortgages the best value? Why the best value mortgage may not appear on a best-buy table and what factors borrowers may wish to consider when choosing a lender.

    2. 10 of the Best

      Stephen Silcock

      18 Apr, 2013

      Simple investment truths handed down through generations have relevance even in these ever-changing times. Stephen Silcock shares the timeless lessons taught by a JSE doyen.

    1. Shifting gears: Driving performance with structured products

      By Simone Benatar

      18 Apr, 2013

      Once the domain of institutional fund managers, structured investment products have entered the realm of the private investor in recent years, with the potential to deliver high levels of performance while incorporating a level of downside protection, all on competitive cost structures.

    2. The Value of Wine

      Prof. Brian Kantor

      14 Nov, 2012

      The relationship between the price of a bottle of wine and the score given at tastings by experts shows that the price may have more to do with marketing intangibles than the science of wine making says Prof. Brian Kantor.

    1. Keys to Olympic Success

      24 Jul, 2012

      “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (faster, higher, stronger) is the Olympic motto, encapsulating the three performance factors for an Olympian. With the Olympic Games in London about to start, we examine some of the key performance factors based on demographics and economics, and come up with three of our own: richer, more populous, more specialised.

    2. The Psychology of Investment

      Dr. Allen Zimbler

      03 Jul, 2012

      Advances in the study of behavioural finance have shown that financial institutions may be better at managing money than individual investors. This is mainly because individuals are susceptible to ways of thinking and emotion, which affects the decision-making process. Are these psychological pitfalls avoidable? Are there strategies to block emotion and improve the performance of an individual investor? We find out…