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  1. Ahead in the cloud

    By Simon Lapthorne, Investec Wealth & Investment UK

    20 Jun, 2013

    While cloud computing appears to have moved beyond the “hype cycle” of two years ago, its commercial importance seems to becoming more important and spending on cloud computing could eclipse that on traditional computing by the end of the current decade.

    1. 2013 Investec Hot 100: results revealed

      07 Jun, 2013

      For the past two years, Investec has supported the Hot 100, an established and rigorous ranking of the UK's fastest-growing privately-owned companies, conducted by Real Business. Devised using the compound annual growth rate measured over a four-year period1, the 2013 Investec Hot 100 provides a highly interesting insight into the UK heartland economy the UK regions and sectors that are performing strongly as well as business owners' views on the outlook for the UK economy.

    2. Institutional investment flows and asset prices

      28 Mar, 2013

      Do institutional investment flows matter? Arthur Clayton sheds light on this subject by looking at relevant historical examples of changes in institutional flows, their impact on asset prices and what trends we can expect in the near future.

    1. Advantages of Vendor Finance

      27 Mar, 2013

      When companies seek to conserve cash they reduce capital expenditures. This can lead to reduced productivity. Customer financing enables companies to increase their productivity, profitability and cash flow.

    2. Preparing for Sale

      05 Mar, 2013

      Owners of businesses often reach a natural decision to leave at some point in their career. Giving up ownership to a new party, investor, private equity group or even to the next generation is never an easy task. However planning and preparation could ensure that you don’t miss any crucial steps in the process.

    1. Are banks diluting us by stealth?

      Ian Gordon

      07 Dec, 2012

      The banking sector has offered a mixed bag to investors over the last few years. Long suffering shareholders have held on to hopes of a turnaround, underpinned by support from the government and possibly even general improvement in economic conditions.

      However as time goes by, we wonder if loyal investors are being fed stories of hope along with a quiet and steady stream of new share issues resulting in dilution. While recapitalization was required for regulatory reasons, we wonder, how much value has actually been eroded as a result of repeated issue of equity by banks.

    2. Setting up a Family Office

      Paul Douglas
      Managing Director and Head of New Business Development, Investec Trust Switzerland

      16 Oct, 2012

      In an increasingly complex world of escalating costs, taxes, regulation, economic turbulence and litigation, family offices must adopt a more progressive approach to corporate governance and risk management to preserve their raison d’être.

    1. The Case for Dividend Investing

      Rory Spangenberg

      28 Sep, 2012

      In the current environment of historically low interest rates and yields, investors would do well to consider the benefits of dividend investing. Overtime, dividends have contributed a large proportion of the total return from equities, while the dividend component of the total return has also proved far less volatile. With the debate still raging over whether central bank actions around the world to stimulate global economic growth will ultimately prove inflationary, the potential for dividend growth as a ward against inflation should also be considered.

    2. The Entrepreneurial Class: Surviving a Crisis

      Ed Cottrell

      03 Jul, 2012

      Every six months, Investec speaks to the country’s leading entrepreneurs to gauge their confidence in the economy. Results for the latest Investec Entrepreneur Confidence Index reveal that while business leaders expect the general economic climate to deteriorate, they are optimistic about the future of their companies.