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32 day notice accounts

Direct Reserve Account
+ 32 days notice, with tiered interest rates
+ Available in sterling, euro, US dollar, Australian dollar and South African rand
+ Minimum balance of £50,000, USD$50,000, €50,000, AUD$100,000 and

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90 day notice accounts

Investec Horizon Account
+ 90 days notice, with variable interest rates
+ Available in sterling, euro, US dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar,
   Japanese yen, Norwegian krone, Singapore dollar, South African rand and
   Swiss franc
+ Minimum balance of £25,000, USD$50,000, €50,000 (information for other
   currencies available on the Investec Horizon Account page)

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fixed term deposits

Offshore fixed term deposits
+ Available in a range of terms
+ Priced using money market rates
+ Available in sterling, euro, US dollar and other major currencies
+ Minimum balance £100,000 for terms of three months or more, and
   £250,000 for terms of one week or more

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