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Corporate Governance

Sound corporate governance is embedded in Investec’s values, culture, processes, functions and organisational structure.

While the Board provides leadership based on an ethical foundation, and oversees the overall process and structure of corporate governance, each business area and every employee of the group is responsible for acting in accordance with sound corporate governance practices.

In formulating our governance framework, we apply recognised corporate governance practices practically so as to:

  • Build and sustain an ethical corporate culture in the company
  • Identify and mitigate significant risks, including reputational risk
  • Effectively review and monitor our activities
  • Promote informed and sound decision making
  • Enable effectiveness, efficiency, responsibility and accountability
  • Enhance the capital markets and other stakeholders’ perception of us
  • Facilitate legal and regulatory compliance
  • Secure trust and confidence of all stakeholders
  • Protect our brand and reputation
  • Ensure sustainable business practices, including social and environmental activities
  • Disclose the necessary group information to allow all stakeholders to make a meaningful analysis of our financial position and actions
  • Respond appropriately to changes in market conditions and the business environment
  • Remain at the forefront of international corporate governance practices

We measure our behaviour and practices against our values and philosophies so as to assess the characteristics of good governance. Our values require that directors and employees behave with integrity, displaying consistent and uncompromising moral strength and conduct in order to promote and maintain trust.

Structures are designed to ensure that our values remain embedded in all businesses and processes. We continually refine these structures and a written Statement of Values serves as our Code of Ethics.

We operate under a Dual Listed Companies (DLC) structure, and consider the corporate governance principles and regulations of both the UK and South Africa before adopting the stricter rule for the group.

All international business units operate in accordance with these corporate governance recommendations, in addition to those of their jurisdiction, but with clear adherence at all times to group values and culture.

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Lord Davies' recommendations - Investec positioning statement

The Nomination and Directors' Affairs Committee notes Lord Davies' recommendations in his report Women on Boards which highlight the need for more female representation on boards and further notes it is the aspiration of the Investec Board to achieve 25% female representation by 2015.