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Credit Ratings

Summary of our credit ratings

Investec Credit Ratings Zebra

In general, we were assigned strong ratings for credit quality, capacity for timely repayment and financial strength. In terms of our Dual Listed Companies structure, Investec plc and Investec Limited are treated separately from a credit point of view.

As a result, the rating agencies have assigned ratings to the significant banking entities within the group, namely Investec Bank plc, Investec Bank Limited and Investec Bank (Australia) Limited.

Certain rating agencies have assigned ratings to the holding companies, namely, Investec plc and Investec Limited.

Rating agency   Investec Limited Investec Bank Limited
 - a subsidiary of Investec Limited
Investec plc Investec Bank plc
 - a subsidiary of Investec plc
  Long term ratings        
  Foreign Currency BBB- BBB-   BBB-
  National   A+(zaf)    
  Short term rating        
  Foreign Currency F3 F3   F3
  National   F1 (zaf)    
  Viability rating bbb- bbb-   bbb-
  Support rating 5 3   5
  Long term deposit ratings        
  Foreign Currency   Baa1 Ba1 Baa3
  National   Aa3 (za)
  Short term deposit rating        
  Foreign Currency   Prime-2 Non prime Prime-3
  National   P1 (za)
  Bank financial strength rating   C-   D+
Global Credit Ratings          
  Long-term rating - Local Currency   AA-(za)   BBB+
  Short-term rating - Local Currency   A1+(za)   A2

Note: Due to new regulations in Australia credit ratings assigned to Investec Bank (Australia) Limited are only available to wholesale investors upon specific enquiry.